Get Insights from Your Data with Our Charting Platform
Overview of markets with the handy TradingView platform - analyze any chart
The platform is presented in a web interface and as a desktop application. TradingView Desktop supports Windows, macOS and Linux. TradingView gives users access to charts, screencasts, heatmaps and economic news. The TradingView community includes trading ideas, scripts (technical analysis indicators and strategies), public and private chats, and traders' broadcasts.

A trading panel for placing orders from charts is also integrated in TradingView. There are 43 brokers that can use it. Also in TradingView the function PaperTrading is implemented - it is a test account for demo trading.
About TradingView platform charts
The TradingView platform provides a wide range of charts on cryptocurrency, stock and other markets. The flexibility of custom chart settings made TradingView popular. The service's charts are intuitive for novice traders and meet the needs of professionals.
TradingView charts features:
flexible price scale;
more than 50 tools for drawing;
more than 100 built-in technical indicators;
weak/strong magnet mode;
fixation of drawing objects;
hiding drawing objects;
tool comparison;
analysis of separate timeframes;
automatic Fibonacci correction;
recognition of candlestick patterns;
out-of-session trading data;
data export.

TradingView implements line chart, bar chart, Japanese candlesticks, lag, area, linear breakout, etc. There are 12 types of charts in total. Up to 8 charts in one tab. Available indicator template and volume profile indicators.
What you should know about TradingView platform indicators
There are 104 technical analysis indicators available in TradingView - from classic RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands to original indicators "Phases of the Moon", "Ease of Movement", "Coppock Curve". If you put the cursor on the indicator name in the list, an icon with a question mark appears to the right of the name. Clicking on it opens a detailed description of the indicator, technical information and recommendations on its use.

In addition, the section "Technical Analysis" contains strategies, volume profiles and technical analysis patterns. "Strategies" makes it easy to trade on indicators. If the trader has chosen a strategy, the program will automatically display the required indicators on the screen and "draw" the points in which the indicator gives a signal. The trader will only have to follow the signal received.

The "Patterns" tool works in a similar way. The trader chooses a pattern, such as the "Bull Flag". TradingView automatically searches for and "draws" the pattern on the chart.
TradingView has its own community for traders and investors
TradingView is developing its own community. Now the community is organized as a blog platform, where training articles, analytics, trading ideas and signals are published. In addition, there is a Live Broadcasting section, a streaming platform where authors can trade live and communicate with the audience.
The "Scripts" community section is a library of free scripts written in the Pine Script language. It includes algorithmic strategies, "custom" indicators and libraries - auxiliary code for optimization and improvement of ready indicators and strategies.
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